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Duesseldorf is the political and economical center of North Rhine-Westphalia. With a population of 584,217 the city is among the ten largest cities in Germany. The city is regarded to be the mecca of the rich and beautiful. You can see them shopping on the famous Königsalle, which the locals just call "Kö". Fashionistas can find and buy the newest fashion trends in any of the boutiques on this street. The citizens of Duesseldorf are also renowned for cheerful partying. That's why the old town quarter is also called the "longest bar in the world". And of course, you can find the famous Alt-beer there.

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Duesseldorf sightseeing

Media Harbor
Although the Medienhafen (Media Harbor) is relatively new, it is already regarded as being the main attraction of Duesseldorf. The most famous building complex in the trendy office neighborhood, which was shaped by world famous architects, is the "Neue Zollhof". It was build by the US star architect Frank O. Gehry who is renowned for his deconstruction architecture. Unfortunately, you can't find an apartment in one of the Gehry buildings with the accommodation service Duesseldorf yet. However, you can find a cheap place to stay in a private home nearby.
Old town
The Duesseldorf old town is very popular with night owls. The many bachelor parties you will see there are living proof for this. The historical breweries where you can get the famous Alt beer play an inherent part of the old town. However, the pubs and bars invite you to relax after a long shopping day by daylight, too.
Duesseldorf is coined by its location at the river Rhine. The riverbanks invite you to make long walks and meet for a coffee in one of the cozy coffee shops. However, if you are only passing by Duesseldorf, for example during a bike tour along the river Rhine, you can find cheap accommodations with the accommodation service Duesseldorf gloveler.com.
Rhine tower
The Rheinturm (Rhine tower) has a height of 240.5 meters and provides you with a fantastic view of Duesseldorf and the neighboring cities. It is located between the Media Harbor and the state parliament of North-Rhine-Westphalia, which has a building that is worth seeing. The construction work for the television tower lasted from 1978 till 1982. From the panorama platform at 170 meters you can look in the directions of Neuss, Duisburg and Essen.
Gardens and parks
Duesseldorf has some very beautiful parks and gardens to offer. This may be also the reason why the city always scores high in the regular rankings for the city with the highest quality of life. Worth mentioning is the botanical garden and Schloss Benrath with its beautiful park in the south of Duesseldorf. Many of the accommodations that you can book with Duesseldorf's accommodation service gloveler.com are surrounded by parks and gardens.

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