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During a holiday trip in the state capital of North Rhine-Westphalia, whether for business or pleasure, it is of course very importance to find an appropriate suitable B&B in Duesseldorf. There are many offers that consider individual wishes of visitors who are searching a convenient accommodation with central location, facilities and an unbeatable prize-performance.

Finding a B&B in Duesseldorf

As in recent years the city has become a very popular destination for tourists, the numbers of b&bs in Duesseldorf have increased too. The city offers holiday homes, apartments, small motels as well as exclusive 4-star hotels. These accommodations pamper their guests with excellent service, upscale amenities and luxurious suites. Also, a wellness area with spa, Jacuzzi and sauna is often included, so that travelers can relax in their accommodation after an exhausting through Duesseldorf.

Sightseeing in Duesseldorf

A very must for every tourist should be the Old Town of Duesseldorf, where travelers can get to know more than 260 pubs, clubs and breweries on about one square kilometer area. The bar district is often referred to as "the longest bar in the world" due to the abundance of. In this area there are further more sights in Duesseldorf, such as the Town Hall, Town Hall Square and the Lambertus church, which has a leaning tower, and the castle tower, which is located directly on the Rhine.

Duesseldorf has special cultural aspects that offer visitors a wide selection of museums. Mentionable, for example, is the art collection of North Rhine-Westphalia, the Goethe Museum and the popular Aquazoo Löbbecke Museum, which is at the same time natural history museum and a zoo. In many of the large halls is the museum dealing with the topic “Evolution”. After a visit, passengers can take a rest in the Duesseldorf Hofgarten, which can be found in the inner city and is often referred to as "the green lung" of Duesseldorf. It is Germany’s first and oldest public garden that has a total area of nearly 28 hectares. Don't hesitate and book your B&B in Duesseldorf on

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