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Duesseldorf is for various reasons an interesting destination. The city that comprises the Old Town and the lively shopping street Royal Avenue offers great sights. Also the city of Cologne, which can be quickly achieved as a destination from Duesseldorf, is one of the attractions of the region, and converts Duesseldorf to a small tourist resort in North Rhine-Westphalia. Those, who are looking for a cheap guest house in Duesseldorf, will find both the left and the right side of the Rhine several inexpensive offers. You can also visit other nearby cities of Germany. For example, you can reach the cities of Dortmund, Duisburg and Mönchengladbach in a short time.

In which districts of the city can you find guest houses in Duesseldorf?

The center is obviously the most popular destination for travelers who wish to receive a guest house in Duesseldorf. In districts such as Mitte, Friedrichstadt and Unterbilk one can certainly find some cheap private rooms. The proximity to the King Avenue and the downtown attractions, of which Duesseldorf has to offer a lot, is very advantageous.

What Duesseldorf is all about

The capital of North Rhine-Westphalia offers some historical and modern sights, and in comparison with the neighboring city of Cologne, the culture of Duesseldorf is second to none. The theater of Duesseldorf has always been a great tradition of the city. The Duesseldorf Schauspielhaus, the Forum Freies Theater, the comedy Duesseldorf and the theatre on the “Koe” provide excellent entertainment for the evening arrangements. Those who prefer it a little classier should pay a visit at the German Opera on the Rhine, in which additionally to operas and operettas ballets are performed. On the banks of the Rhine the tallest landmark of Düsseldorf stands out the Rhine Tower. In the Media Port, visitors can admire modern architecture. Shopping enthusiasts will be satisfied in the world-famous King Avenue, also known as "Koe", or the Schadowstraße. Here one will find regularly events of the city, such as the Literature Festival "Buecherbummel” on the Koe or the Koe-Lauf. In the city of Duesseldorf night owls will find their paradise: Because of the many pubs that lined up against each other here, the Old Town is often described as the longest bar in the world. Here you will find numerous of breweries, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. So come and get your guest houses on

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