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Job mobility gains more and more importance in the present times. Often job or individual order depends on mobility. Anyone who is professionally involved in Duesseldorf can look forward to a vibrant regional capital. Sport and leisure, for example in the meadows on both sides of the Rhine, indoor sports in gyms or jogging and walking in Grafenberg as well as at the Duesseldorf racing track are extremely popular. Duesseldorf, that is even a fair city, has at least one attractive event in program once a month.

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For the profession of mechanics the staff room plays an important role. It must be favorable from different point of views. A convenient location next to the motorways is very important to keep the daily commuting to work as short as possible. There are a lot of staff rooms offered in Duesseldorf, probably because of the many fairs that are held regularly. The staff rooms are in most cases, either apartments or single rooms in small guest houses.

Attractions in Duesseldorf and its surrounding area

The German Opera on the Rhine, in which one can admire operas, operettas and ballet, has a strong tradition in Duesseldorf. In the Media Port known architects have achieved their construction projects. A stroll through the city of Duesseldorf or along the banks of the Rhine allow for additional variety that can be even done in the evenings. Shopping enthusiasts will be satisfied in the world-famous King Avenue, also known as "Koe", or the Schadowstraße. Here one will find regularly events of the city. In the Old Town of Duesseldorf night owls will find an appropriate starting point: because of the many pubs that are lined up against each other, the Old Town is often described as the longest bar in the world. Here one will find numerous breweries, bars, restaurants and nightclubs. The surrounding area of Duesseldorf is impressive too. With the shopping cities of Krefeld and Moenchengladbach, good connections to Aachen and the Dutch border, all conditions for diverse undertakings in ones leisure time are established. Duesseldorf as a starting point is very appropriate to reach other cities like Duisburg, Cologne, Dortmund, or Mönchengladbach. Therefore it is very lucrative to book a staff room in Duesseldorf on

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