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Those who have fallen in love with the Rhine metropolis and contemplate to transfer their residence to Duesseldorf, have the possibility to rent a temporary accommodation in Duesseldorf to get to know the North Rhine-Westphalian capital first of all in everyday life. The offer is also suitable for finding an accommodation for a temporary internship or a business trip. Someone who was already professionally involved in Duesseldorf, appreciates the excellent infrastructure of the city, which’s airport is well connected with the European transport network, and additionally has a good tram network that is permanently upgraded. Not at least has the city a very good subway that is currently being expanded with the Wehrhahn line. No matter where the temporary home will be based in the city, in temporary accommodation Duesseldorf a direct transport connection to the new employer is included, whether from the other bank of the Rhine of low-or upper Kassel or the districts of Bilk and Oberbilk. Getting to the King Alley, the boulevard of Duesseldorf, one can get more comfortably from everywhere. Here, the capital shows its internationality, as it is evidenced by names such as Bucherer, Tiffany and Chanel.

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One of the most popular German bands “Die Toten Hosen” sung about the famous Hofgarten in Duesseldorf. In their lyrics it quickly became clear that the musicians felt like home there. The huge green space between Pempelfort, City Center and Old Town is not only a refuge for water birds, but also a resting place for tourists that were shopping and professionals after work. The different parts of the park are reachable by subways, so that one is really shielded from the road. A temporary accommodation at the Hofgarten would certainly be a beautiful thing with an option for renewal. As favorable as living at the Hofgarten is living at the Staendehaus with an Emperor pond, a swan mirror – living there means living in the green, where one can enjoy the changing art exhibitions. Other people gravitate directly on the Rhine, to low-or upper Kassel or in the Old Town, where visitors can admire the “longest bar in the world“. From here one will soon find on the Rhine to Cologne, but first-class musical events can be found in the Philips Halle Duesseldorf too. So check out and find your cheap and suitable temporary accommodation in Duesseldorf.

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